How To Be More Confident When It Seems Impossible

be more confident

Let me guess.

Your lack of confidence destroyed your life. You can’t ignore this problem anymore. 

You criticize yourself all the time. You care too much about what others think. And you always feel depressed and see the negative side in anything.

In other words, you feel like you’re just not ‘’good enough’’. Do you need to live this way until you die?


The truth is, you can be more confident. All you need is the right guidance. The good news is, you’re in the right place for that.

I’m not going to tell you ‘’love yourself’’. I had low self-esteem issues for a long time and I know things are not so easy. I’ll show you a real solution.

Why it’s so difficult to be more confident:

If you search Google for advice on how to be confident, you’ll find a lot of big promises.

However, you’ll see there’s no tip, trick or ‘’secret’’ that seem to work. Why? It’s because of your gens? Or because you lived without confidence all your life?


Here’s the thing: Most people don’t understand what means to be confident. It’s not about being arrogant and think you’re above anyone else.

Confident people don’t believe they’re right all the time. But they’re not afraid of being wrong. They know they’ll make mistakes and some people won’t like them. And they’re okay with that.

You won’t become confident reading confidence affirmations in the mirror. ‘’Think positive’’ is horrible advice. 

It might help a little but there’s a way to boost your confidence 10x times faster.

The best way to be more confident:

I don’t know why most people make everything so complicated.

Confidence is all about 2 things:

  • You believe that you deserve to succeed
  • You trust in your abilities to succeed

The problem is you don’t believe in yourself and in your abilities to do something. Why does that happen? Because you don’t have experience and positive results with what you want to do.

And why you don’t have these? Because you don’t take action.

Exactly! Here’s what you don’t understand…

You can’t be confident before taking action. You need to take action first and then you’ll become more confident. And the more experience and positive results you get, the more confident you’ll become.

There’s nothing else to do. 

Confidence is different in all areas of your life. You can be more confident about one thing and less about another.

You don’t need to fake your confidence. You don’t need to change your posture. You don’t need to do any of that.

You just need to take action. Don’t overthink this. Start with tiny steps.

If you want to meet new people, talk with one stranger. Then talk with another one. Then talk with a group. And move further from here.

If you want to speak in public, see if there’s any way to speak for just 5 minutes. Then speak for 10 minutes. Then for 20 minutes.

Ok, you get the idea. 

You need to confront your fears, even if you’re scared as hell. The more you do this, the more confident you’ll be.

Reframe your mindset:

You will never have confidence before doing something. It always comes after!

I suggest to internalize and implement this point of view in everything you do. From now, lack of confidence is just an excuse. 

I understand you have fears. Fear is a tricky human emotion. It can keep you in the same place forever. But it can also keep you safe. You don’t need to get rid of fear. Fear helps you make wise and prudent decisions.

Without fear, you wouldn’t live very long because you wouldn’t care about the threats around you. You might walk across a busy road and be incapable of reacting when you realize that a car is racing toward you. 

Fear is okay. When you feel it, remember you can decide to ignore it. 

How about failure? Failing is not so bad, after all. 

Let’s say you try something new and fail.  So what? Successful people fail all the time. With failure comes lessons. Most times, you don’t even lose anything. 

Your mind tries to protect you. But you don’t need to listen to it.


If you want to be more confident, you don’t need motivational videos. 

You don’t need quotes. And definitely, you don’t need to fake it.

Confidence always comes after you do something. Take action even if you don’t feel ready.

One moment of courage can change your life.

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