How To Plan Your Day In 5 Minutes

plan your day

I don’t understand why so many people have problems with planning.

It should be something easy. Personally, I plan my day in 5-10 minutes. And I think anyone can do the same.

I know how precious is your time. You’re a solopreneur and if you aren’t productive, you don’t make any money. You have a blog, social media accounts, emails and different tasks to handle. 

Without proper planning, you’ll feel like you have one million things to do and no free time.

However, it shouldn’t be the case. 

You can create a schedule that’s easy to follow and bring you results. In this article, I’ll show you how!

Plan your day the night before:

Let me guess. You decide what to do after you wake up. 

Planning, along with a morning routine it’s a great way to start your day productive, right?


In fact, planning during the morning it’s a bad idea. 

Why? Because you need to make decisions. And the more decisions you allow to creep into your day, the more wasted time and less willpower you will have on your hands.

There’s a reason why people like Marck Zuckerberg wear the same outfit for years. They know willpower it’s a limited resource and prefer to use it in their business. Do the same.

Plan your day in the evening. This is your first action step. The second step is to minimize decisions and time wasters as much as possible.

Take a shower, cook your meals, lay down your clothes and do similar activities before going to bed, not throughout the day.

Get ready for tomorrow and you’ll set yourself up to succeed.

Use a calendar:

You don’t need to work after a to-do list.

Plan your day in G-calendar.

You will be more productive this way because you can:

  • set reminders for important tasks
  • set repetitive routines
  • color-code your tasks
  • track your progress much faster than on the paper

And more importantly, you can decide how you’re going to spend each minute of your day. If you have important tasks, you can time block them.

One smart thing you can do is to schedule results, instead of the task itself.

For instance, if you need to write a blog post, you can schedule ‘’write 1,000 words’’ from 7 AM to 9 AM instead of ‘’write’’.

Or, if you need to share pins on Pinterest, you can schedule ‘’share 15 pins’’ from 5 PM to 5:30 PM instead of ‘’share pins’’.

And if you can’t estimate how much time you need for your tasks, that’s fine.

Use your calendar as a to-do list in the beginning, make a time audit and be more specific later.

Prioritize your tasks:

You probably know you should start your day with your MIT.

What else can you do to prioritize your work?

Use this matrix :

time management matrix
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest

As you can see, you have 4 categories.

  • Urgent/Important: These are the tasks you need to do first.
  • Important/Not Urgent: These tasks are important but you can decide when you do them.
  • Urgent/Not Important: Delegate these tasks to someone else.
  • Not Important/Not Urgent: Delete these tasks from your schedule. They don’t have any value.

If you have many tasks, the last thing you want is to feel overwhelmed. Organize yourself and you won’t be.

Schedule more in less time:

You can be more motivated to work if you schedule more to do in less time.

It seems counterintuitive but it works. The truth is, you can waste a ton of time on a task. And the only reason is because you allow that.

Maybe you spend 20 hours to write a blog post. And 15 hours are distractions and small adjustments that don’t matter so much. See if you can write one blog post of the same quality in 5 hours. 

Or, maybe you spend 2 hours on Pinterest each day. See if you can spend only 1 hour or 30 minutes.

You get the idea. It’s a completely different energy when you have a tight deadline.

Don’t get me wrong. You shouldn’t become busy doing activities that don’t bring you any result. But if you believe you can work faster, schedule more in less time.

Time batch your tasks:

Time batching means to group a bunch of similar tasks together and doing them all before doing something different.

If you have these 5 tasks in your schedule:

  • Write an article
  • Create 3 images for Facebook
  • Write an email
  • Create 3 pins for Pinterest
  • Write 3 Pinterest descriptions

With time batching, they’ll look like this:

  • Write an article
  • Write an email
  • Write 3 Pinterest descriptions
  • Create 3 images for Facebook
  • Create 3 pins for Pinterest

It’s a great way to manage your time because you work more focused. 

Note: This technique is totally optional and you don’t need to use it at all.

Schedule breaks:

Taking breaks won’t make you lazy. They’ll increase your productivity.

You should never take too many breaks. But you also don’t want to work for a couple of hours straight. 

Entrepreneurial burnout it’s a serious problem and you don’t want to experience that. Personally, I take a 30 minutes break after 2 hours of intensive work. And I take others 15 minutes breaks every 3 hours.

I found this schedule works pretty well for me. Your schedule might be different. It’s up to you. Just don’t take breaks randomly. Plan for them in advance.

Commit to follow your calendar:

It’s easy to plan your day. It’s incredibly difficult to follow your planning. 

Sometimes, you won’t do it. Things will come up in your way. And that’s fine. However, you should commit to follow your calendar at least 95% of the time. 

When you work for somebody else, you need to do your job and nothing else. It doesn’t matter if there are other things you could do. When you’re an entrepreneur, you should do exactly the same. 

This mindset is critical for success. 

Commit to follow your calendar. Commit to say ‘’no’’ to anything else. And you’ll be surprised how much you can accomplish.


If you plan your day one night before, use a calendar and commit to follow everything, you already solved most of your problems.

I recommend to schedule results and time block some of your tasks. Also, say no to distractions and things that come in your way.

Ok, that’s all for today. 

I hope you found this post helpful. If you want more productivity tips, feel free to subscribe to my newsletter.

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