7 Things You Should Do Every Sunday

things to do on Sunday

If you value your time, the last thing you want is to waste your weekends doing nothing. 

Fortunately, you can prevent that.

Learn how to be more productive every Sunday using these simple, step-by-step methods you can get started with right now.

1.Review your last week:

What you don’t measure can’t be improved.

Don’t start every Sunday planning the next week. You can do it but…you can do it better if you do a review of your last week. If you’re aware of your current level of productivity, you can do something to increase this level. 

It’s not just about what you did last week. You also need to pay attention to your results.

This process can be a mess. I recommend Google Docs. Create a new document and name it ‘’weekly review’’.

Then, write down 5 sections:

  1. Work: Here you track everything related to work. How many hours did you work and what exactly have you done? How much did you write? How many clients did you talk with?
  2. Habits: What are your good habits from the last week? How about the bad ones? 
  3. Entertainment: How much time did you spend doing nothing? Track that because too much entertainment can destroy your productivity.
  4. Health: Write down what you eat, how many times you work out and if you lose or gain any weight.
  5. Budget: How much money you made last week? How much have you invested back in your business? And how much did you spent on your personal needs? Tracking your spending can help you manage your finances better.

These are just ideas. You can track your productivity in your own way. Just track it because that’s the only way to increase it.

2.Grow your business:

Your business is not a job. 

It doesn’t require just hard work. It requires thinking if you want to grow it. 

And that’s what you want, right? Well, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

If you really want to grow your business, spend at least 1 hour each Sunday to develop your strategy for that. Study your competitors. See if you can target new customers. Search for apps that could automate some of your tasks.

You get the idea. There’s nothing specific here. You just need to think! Successful entrepreneurs always reserve time for that.

3.Don’t plan your whole week:

Planning the entire week it’s not for everybody. 

In fact, over-planning every minute of every day can have the opposite effect because you’ll most likely ignore your ‘’busy schedule’’.

You don’t need to do that. However, there’s something else you should do.

Plan your Monday.

Then, decide your priorities and time block a couple of hours along the week in your calendar for them. Commit to spend these hours productive and do exactly what you planned. It’s a great strategy because you won’t be overwhelmed.

It’s better to plan each day one night before. I planned my week a couple of times and it never worked for me. I changed my mind regardless of many tasks and I realized I scheduled a lot of work that didn’t produce me any results. 

Maybe your results will be different! I’m just speaking from my experience. I think planning all the week could work for super-organized people. I’m not one of them!

4.Review your goals:

I bet you have many goals in all areas of your life.

But it’s super easy to forget about them. The good news is you can prevent that if you decide to review them each Sunday.

Since I told you about Google Docs, you can create another document and name it ‘’goals’’. I know, brilliant!

But listen to me…your goals need to be seen. Don’t keep them in your head. Write them down. This way, you’ll remember them.

You can create 2 sections:

  1. Business goals: Here you write all your goals related to work.
  2. Personal goals: Here you write all your goals in fitness, relationships and personal life.

Then, you can start to be more specific:

Write down each goal, your progress and ways to achieve it faster. You can even use pictures. 

Visualization is a great technique to create changes faster.

You can go further and separate goals in the long term from the ones in the short term. 

Remember to don’t exaggerate though. I used to have 10-15 goals at once. Now I have max 3. Most times it’s just 1. 


Because I can focus better. Keep in mind you need to take action for your goals. And be realistic about what you can do.

5.Use a book:

Most self-help books are useless. 

But reading 1 hour/week on Sunday it’s not so bad. In fact, it’s a great habit. Reading can make you think more positive and if you choose the right author, you can even change your life.

But here’s the thing: Don’t just read books. 

Use books!

Read and underline the tips that could apply to your situation. Then, implement these tips right away.

I keep around 1-3 ideas from each book I read. Sometimes I want to implement almost anything but I realize I can’t do that. However, I always learn something new. And you can do the same if you use this strategy.

6.Get Outside:

I’m tired of pubs and restaurants.  They’re great but you don’t need to spend all your time in such places.

Spend some time in nature each Sunday. If you have a forest or at least a park in your area, it could be a great idea. You’ll feel more energetic and alive. 

Studies show that spending time in nature or even viewing scenes of nature, reduces anger, fear and stress and increases pleasant feelings. 

Since you work a lot, you can also do something to recharge your batteries. This is a great idea! You’ll start your week relaxed and motivated.

7.Try something new:

Doing nothing is not so great.

You can binge-watch Netflix, eat junk food and talk on the phone all day. But you probably got bored with these activities.

On the other hand, new things are always interesting. Since you have free time on Sunday, why don’t you try something new? Find a new hobby. Learn a new language. See if you can have fun in a new way. 

Use Google to find ideas.

I know it sounds like a basic tip but think about it for a second. Your life is almost always the same. Very rarely you try new things. Maybe once a couple of months or years. 

In rest, you listen to the same music, shop in the same stores, talk about the same subjects and repeat the same routines all the time.

New things could be new experiences. You’ll get to know yourself better. So, make time for them. You don’t live forever.


Even if you feel lazy, Sunday could be a productive day. 

You don’t need to do your regular tasks. But you can do a couple of things to improve yourself and start the week fresh. 

You have some ideas here. Feel free to join my newsletter for more productivity tips.

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