14 Quick Tips For Better Time Management

tips for better time management

So, you waste a ton of time, huh?

You procrastinate reading awesome articles like this instead of doing the work that could move your business and life further.

You struggle to deal with distractions. 

And you feel like you never have enough time for anything. 

Great, you picked the right blog to solve your problems. Today, I’ll give you 14 tips for better time management.

1.Plan everything before going to bed:

If you’re like most people, you plan your day when you wake up.

That’s a big mistake. Planning requires decision-making. And decisions kill productivity.

You should know exactly what to do and when before getting out of bed. Here’s what you can do about it. Plan your day one night before.

You can use G-calendar. I don’t recommend a to-do list. The calendar is better because you can use colors and reminders to prioritize your tasks. And it’s much easier to track your progress. Keep that in mind!

2.Turn off your phone:

Everybody complains about distractions. But it’s incredibly easy to avoid them.

If you turn off your phone and keep it in another room, 90% of your problems are solved. You can do that before you start working. 

And don’t worry about your friends. They can wait until you call them back. There’s no emergency.

Use your time to do what needs to get done.

3.Focus on one goal:

Let’s talk about priorities.

I guess you want to do a thousand things. You want to grow your business, lose weight and met more people – and do all of these on the same day.

It’s not impossible. But if you split your focus across 10 things, don’t expect any great result. You can’t create multiple changes in your life at once. It’s overwhelming and most likely you won’t get anything.

On the other hand, imagine if you would have just one goal in mind. And move all your actions towards that.

That’s what I want from you. Decide what’s your number #1 priority and focus on that. Whether we talk about work or personal life, this principle is incredibly useful.

4.Use the 2-minute rule:

I love quotes because they remind me to hustle and never give up. But I hate the fact they don’t make me take action.

Sounds familiar? People aren’t built to work hard. Neither me or you. 

That’s why you always search for comfort. That’s why you don’t like to do anything. That’s why you want to get results only if it’s fast and without work.

Procrastination is a real challenge because your mind is built to procrastinate. 

But you can get over it if you understand the following: Most of your tasks are not so complicated. You just avoid to start them for one reason or another.

If you would start, most times you would also finish. That’s why I recommend the 2 minute-rule. 

There are 2 ways to use it:

1. If a task takes less than 2 minutes, then do it right away. You don’t want to deal with it later.

2. Start something for just 2 minutes. 

No, you don’t work for only 2 minutes. The purpose is to start working. 

And instead of procrastinating, you’ll find yourself doing the work for more time than you initially planned.

5.Set a timer:

I don’t like time management apps.

However, you need a timer. Why? I’ll give you two reasons.

First off, a timer can make you work faster. That’s why so many people use the Pomodoro technique. 

It creates an urgency feeling that can make you get the most out of every minute.

Secondly, a timer can help you work on the full-screen without interruptions. You won’t need to check the clock. 

You’ll know when you finish because timers have sounds.

6.Forget about perfectionism:

Do you want to work perfectly or work consistently? 

I’m asking because I believe it’s impossible to do both.

You can create quality articles, videos and emails. But nothing will be perfect. So, stop wasting your time with tiny details. 

You don’t need to use the perfect words when you reach out to someone. You don’t need to have the perfect Facebook page. You don’t need a perfect Pinterest account.

Work more! 

Set deadlines and respect them. And allow yourself to make mistakes. You’ll get better over the years.

7.Use the Pareto Principle:

Busy is not equal productive. 

You can waste a ton of time working hard without getting any result.

What can you do to avoid that? Use the Pareto Principle. You heard about it a million times before. Only 20% of your actions create 80% of your results. Everybody knows that! 

The question is, do you apply this in your life? 

If not, maybe you should. Before worrying about advanced productivity strategies, make sure you know the basics.

8.Give yourself rewards:

If you struggle to be consistent, you can use the ‘’don’t break the chain’’ method.

Do a particular thing every day and make sure you always keep at it every day so that you don’t break the chain. 

You can put an ‘’X’’ in a paper calendar when you finish. That ‘’X’’’is a reward for your brain. It makes you feel like you accomplished something.

And it can make you repeat the same process. You can also write each task down after you finish. Be specific and write down the exact results you got. 

If you wrote just 856 words, put that on the paper. It’s a great way to track your time and could also give you the energy to work more.

Heck, there are many ways to give yourself rewards.

For instance:

  • drink a protein shake after each working session at the gym
  • watch a tv show every night after you completed your tasks
  • listen to your favorite song after 2 hours of deep work

I do all of these and they help me a lot. The more you do something without getting a reward, the more likely you’ll give up. 

Remember that when you struggle to be consistent.

9.Give yourself constraints:

A constraint is a limitation or restriction that you put on yourself intentionally.

You create a rule in an area of your life. The reason you do this is to simplify your life.

You already use constraints all the time. Maybe you go to the same club each Saturday. Maybe you don’t go into debt for any reason. Maybe you buy clothes just from a specific brand.

All of these make your life easier and help you live on your own terms. And guess what? You can use constraints with your time, too.

For instance, you can:

  • Check social media only after 2:00 PM
  • Never work during the weekend
  • Spend only 1 hour in the gym
  • Read and reply to emails 2x/day

What do you think about these ideas? You don’t need to give yourself too many constraints. But a couple of them could be really helpful.

10.Schedule downtime:

Too much work leads to entrepreneurial burnout. 

I understand you love your business. 

But you should schedule some downtime each day to recharge your batteries. Do that when you finish your work. 

I noticed the days when I’m the most productive are those when I feel good about myself and my life. 

You need to relax.

Hang out, workout, watch movies and take more breaks. It sounds counterintuitive but doing nothing can help you be more productive.

11.Time block your tasks:

Time blocking means you assigning your tasks to specific blocks of time during the day.

Rather than having just a list, you have several blocks of time dedicated to completing individual tasks one at a time. I don’t recommend to time block every part of your day. You’ll get overwhelmed and give up. But you should time block what’s most important. Maybe you need to write. 

If you decide ‘’I’m going to write between 7am and 9am each day’’ you have more chances to get this done. The same thing is true for any other task. 

If you need to do it, create a specific time interval for that.

12.Time batch:

Time batching means to batch similar tasks together and finish them first, before doing something else.

Let’s say you need to do the following tasks:

  • Write an article
  • Create 3 images for Facebook
  • Activate 5 Pinterest ads
  • Write an email
  • Create 3 pins for Pinterest
  • Activate 5 Facebook ads
  • Write 3 Pinterest descriptions

If you take your tasks in this order, your attention spread itself.

With time batching it’s much easier:

  • Write an article
  • Write an email
  • Write 3 Pinterest descriptions
  • Activate 5 Facebook ads
  • Activate 5 Pinterest ads
  • Create 3 pins for Pinterest
  • Create 3 images for Facebook

Your tasks require a different level of energy. The good news is you can finish similar tasks, before moving to something else.

13.Commit to follow your calendar:

If you’re like most people, you almost never finish your to-do list.

I know how frustrating it feels. It seems like 24 hours/day isn’t enough. You have a million things to do and no free time.

And guess what? When you use a calendar first time, it’s worse. You’re tempted to overschedule your work and do nothing.

Plan for resistance in advance. Commit to follow your schedule, no matter what.

It doesn’t matter how many time management tips you read. 

You don’t have enough time to do everything you want. But you have time for your tasks. And you need to do them. 

Otherwise, procrastination will become a habit. I don’t think you want that. You want to teach yourself to take action all the time.

14.Don’t rush:

You don’t need to finish your tasks fast. 

If you’re slow, that’s absolutely fine. Sometimes you even need to spend more time on the right things.

Enough with ‘’ do more’’. Productivity is all about getting maximum results in minimum time.

Why are you so obsessed with time management when everything is in reality about self management?

It’s okay if some things take you a lot of time. You can’t get great results if all you want is to finish. Focus on the work.


Time management is not so hard. 

You don’t need too many tactics to manage your time like a top performer. You just need to change your mindset and understand what you’re doing.

You have a few tips in the article for that. And if you want more advice like this, subscribe to my newsletter down below.

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