How To Wake Up Early When You’re Not A Morning Person

wake up early

Let me guess. You want to wake up early.

But for one reason or another, you just can’t do it consistently. 

You tried many times and failed. You’re not a morning person and you have no idea if it’s realistic for you to become one.

On the other hand, you know mornings can bring you numerous benefits. That’s why you don’t give up.

The question is: What should you do to wake up early without feeling so tired every time?

Well, all you need to do is to read this article and follow my tips. I’ll help you solve this problem.

Decide how much you’ll sleep:

Let’s start with a simple fact.

You can’t get up early if you go to bed late.

I know you work a lot. And you have a thousand things to do each day. 

But you need to schedule them in a different way.

Commit to sleep between 10 PM and 5 AM, no matter what.

That’s your first action step. You’ll find many articles that promote the idea of changing your sleeping habits with small steps.

They’ll say ‘’go to bed 15 minutes earlier first week, then 30 minutes earlier the second week and so on. That’s the key’’.

Meaning, if you sleep at 3 AM, try to sleep at 2:45 AM for the first week. Then at 2:30 the second week. And so on.

Sounds like a great plan! There’s one problem though: It doesn’t work.

 You’ll give up after a few days.

Waking up early it’s not like most habits. You don’t want to start easy. You need to force things since the beginning.

So, here are your action steps:

  • Create an alarm to wake up at the same time(including weekends)
  • Create another alarm to go to bed at the same time(most people will find this weird but if you don’t have a bedtime, you’ll forget to sleep early)
  • Avoid coffee and activities that could keep your busy(like Netflix)

Give yourself one week or two to see how things work. First days are complicated. Then, it’ll be something normal.

If you implement this strategy, you already solved half of your problem. 

The other half is to stay awake. Let’s see what to do about it.

Keep reading…

Have a reason to wake up early:

Let’s forget about the classic 9 to 5.

Have you ever had a job that started at 7 AM?

I had one. And I hated. From all my soul.

Even so, because I wanted money, I was waking up at 5 AM to arrive at that job in time.

You probably know many people in the same situation. 

Almost all of us hate to wake up early. Yet, anybody can do it if there’s a real motivation.

Here’s how to find one:

  1. Plan your day one night before
  2. Commit to spend 1 hour doing your MIT

Planning in the morning is not such a great idea. You’ll have no reason to stay awake because you won’t know what to do. Having your plan prepared can make you feel excited about starting a new day.

Also, 1 hour on your MIT will give you a sense of accomplishment since the beginning. In fact, if you do all the hard work before lunch, you’ll be motivated to finish the same day productive and free yourself a ton of time.

Set yourself up to succeed:

Your environment can make you fail in anything you do. Since we talk about mornings, you should never wake up with the phone near your head, in a cold and dark room.

Why? Because all of these will make you sleep more.

When you have the phone near you, you’ll hit the snooze button.

Place your alarm clock on the desk. You’ll get out of the bed to stop it.

Put some warm clothes on the nightstand one evening before. Some mornings are cold and you don’t want to give up because of that.

And pay attention to your room. A dark room will prompt you to keep on sleeping.

Sleep with the curtains open. You’ll do yourself a big favor.

Your eyes have light receptors that tell your brain, “Hey, it’s daytime,”. Exactly! Your body perceives sunlight, even when you’re not awake. That’s a big advantage for you.

Use water: 

While you sleep, your body slowly becomes dehydrated because you don’t drink anything.

That means a big glass of water first thing in the morning is a great way to rehydrate.

There’s a reason why you’re always thirsty when you wake up. Drink water right away or you won’t have energy to do anything.

Place your wattle bottle near the alarm clock, so you won’t forget to practice this habit.

You should also wash your face. As soon as you get out of bed, go to the bathroom and splash at least 3 times with cold water on your eyes. You don’t need to always do this. But in the beginning, it will be really helpful.

Don’ take a shower, though. Do that when the day ends. You have other things in your schedule that are more important.


Finally, here’s the last thing you should do.

Do some push-ups, squats and abs for at least 15 minutes. Or do some stretching.

Stretching will signal your body that the day has started and you’re getting ready to be productive. Don’t underestimate this simple activity – if you don’t have a morning routine, you can start here!

Speaking of exercise…

It’s 10 times easier to wake up if you also work out during the day.

I don’t know why but when I took a break from the gym, I realized I couldn’t wake up early anymore.

Probably that happened because I was feeling tired and bored. A sedentary lifestyle can make you feel asleep all the time. Now I hit the gym again and I don’t have this problem. Do the same!


Waking up early it’s not so hard. You just need a system to do it consistently.

If you go to bed and wake up at the same hour, find a reason, drink water and do some exercise, it’ll be easy.

Leave me a comment and tell me what’s your experience with waking up early. And if you already did it for a while, explain how that changed your life.

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